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Prospective and Higher Education
Francisco Lopez Segrera



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1 Interview on “Aspects on Higher Education” (8 minutes) in the Universidad de Maringá, Brasil, 2011.


2 Key note Speaker in the Conference “Regional and World Wide Trends of Higher Education”, Universidad de Guadalajara,  México, October 30, 2003.

3 Interview by Martin Granovsky on “Changes in Cuba” (22 min.) in the VII Latin American and the Caribbean Conference of  Social Sciences “Democratic Transformations, Social Justice  and Peace Processes”, CLACSO Congress in Medellín,  November 9-13, 2015.


4 Conference on “Higher Education Financing, management and context” (23 min.). Universidad del Pacífico, Lima, December, 2015.


5 Conference on “World Trends in Higher Education and its current status in Latin America and the Caribbean” (42 min.). Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, September 17, 2016.


6 Interview on his book “Latin America: post-neoliberalism crisis and rise of the new right” (3 min.). CLACSO, September  26, 2016.


7 Conference on “Prospective of Higher Education 2030” in Congreso del Sistema Educativo, IX CIEM, Valladolid, México, 2017

8 Interview on the GUNI Network (19 min.). CIEM, IX Congreso Multidisciplinario. México, 2017.