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Prospective and Higher Education
Francisco Lopez Segrera


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           PhD in Hispanic and Latin-American Studies (Paris VIII, Sorbonne, 1995). Deputy Rector of Cuba’s Higher Institute of International Relations (ISRI) (1974-1988) and Professor of Sociology and Research Methods and Techniques in the same Institute. Civil servant of UNESCO between 1994 and 2002, where he has been, among others, Regional Adviser for Social Sciences in Latin America and the Caribbean and Director of UNESCO´s International Institute of Higher Education for Latin America and the Caribbean (IESALC).

           He has been Visiting (Titular) Professor of “International Comparative Higher Education” and “Globalization and Higher Education in Latin America and the Caribbean” in the PhD on “Teaching Processes in Virtual Spaces” at the University of Salamanca, where he also was Professor of Sociology and Advisor of the Rector and of the Director of the University Institute of Educational Sciences (IUCE) (2002-2004). 

           He has been Academic Advisor and Professor at the Global University Network for Innovation (GUNI), Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), Barcelona, Spain and Editor of the GUNI Report: "Higher Education in the World", at the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC)(2004-2012). Currently he is GUNI Consultant and Associate Professor of Higher Institute of Foreign Relations (ISRI) and Associate Professor of the Center of Strategic Thinking and Prospective of the Universidad del Externado, Colombia.


Working languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian and Portuguese.


From June 2002 up to  2019:


He has been: Member of the Latin America and the Caribbean Scientific Committee of UNESCO Forum on Higher Education, Research and Knowledge (2002-2009); Member of the Working Group of University and Society of the Latin American Council of Social Sciences (CLACSO) (2002-2011); Member of the Research Network on Higher Education (RISEU); Member of the Institute for the Development of Research and Educational Innovation in Iberoamerica, S:C: (IDIIEI); President of the Latin American Network of Prospective Studies (1998-2006); Member of the International Committee of “UNESCO Chair in Higher Education Comparative Policies” being José Joaquín Brunner its Director at the Diego Portales University, Chile; Member of the Avaliaçao Journal Editorial Board, whose Editor is Jose Dias Sobrinho;  Member of the International Advisory Board of the Journal of International Comparative Education (JICE), Centre for Research in International and Comparative Education (CRICE), University of Malaya. Member of the Scientific Commitee

of the Journal Intercambio. University of the Republic, Uruguay. Member of the International Editorial Committee of the Revista Latinoamericana de Políticas y Administraciones (RELAPAE), that drives Norberto Fernández Lamarra, Buenos Aires.


He attended UNESCO’s Regional Conferences preparing the Higher Education World Conferences that took place in Havana, Cuba (1996) and Cartagena, Colombia (CRES 2008). He also attended the first (1998) and second (2009) UNESCO Higher Education World Conferences at UNESCO headquarter in Paris.


He has been: Visiting Professor since 2006-2010 of Knowledge Management and International Comparative Higher Education at the UNESCO Chair and United Nations University, Palermo University, Buenos Aires; Visiting Professor since 2002, of “Mega-Trends and World Scenarios” and “Knowledge Management” in the International Master (MBA) and of the Master on “Strategic Thinking and Prospective” at the Universidad Externado de Colombia, Bogotá.


He has been Former Vice-President of the UNESCO Commission for the Cultural Decade (1994) and Director of UNESCO Journal “Higher Education and Society (1999-2001).


He has been Key Note Speaker in a great number of Conferences and International Seminars such as:

1) World Congress of Catholic Universities summoned by the International Federation of Catholic Universities (FIUC), “Globalization and Catholic Higher Education", Vatican City, on December 2-6, 2002.

2) Latin American Congress of Catholic Universities summoned by the FIUC.  "Latin America: Globalization and Higher Education" Universidad Catolica Pontificia do Rio Grande do Sul, on April 6, 2006.

3) "Higher Education and Gllobalization in the context of social and human transformation", 70th Anniversary of the Universidad Pontificia  Bolivariana, Medellin, Colombia, on September 8, 2006.

4) Master on International Comparative Education, Department of Education, Oxford University, March 5, 2009.

5) International Congress on Accreditation of the Institute for the Development of Research and Educational Innovation in Iberoamerica, S:C: (IDIIEI), University of Guadalajara, Guadalajara, July 16, 2011.

6) Closing of the Sesquicentennial Chair at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, November 21, 2017.

7) Closing the Summer International School at the University of Panama, February 22, 2019.


He has also been: Professor of Sociology and Latin American and Caribbean History at the ISRI (1972-1986) and at the University of Salamanca (2003-2004); Visiting Professor of Cuban History and Latin America and Caribbean History at the Institute of Latin American Higher Studies (IHEAL), Paris (1992, 1995, 2014) and at the Institute of Iberoamerican Studies, University of Bordeaux (1991, 2003, 2006); Visiting Professor of International Comparative Higher Education, at the Boston College Centre for International Higher Education (Fall, 2001); Visiting Professor of “Prospective on Globalization in Latin America and the Caribbean”, Binghamton University, Fernand Braudel Centre (2001); Visiting Professor of International Education and International Comparative Higher Education in the Department of Education, Oxford University (June 2007, March 2009, Feb-March 2012); Guest Speaker of “International Comparative Higher Education: World and Latin American Trends” at the Barcelona Institute of International Studies (IBEI) (Nov. 2008); Visiting Professor at IDEA, University of Santiago de Chile (October-November, 2008); Visiting Professor at the Centre for Studies in Higher Education (CSHE), University of California, Berkeley (2010); Visiting Professor at the Institute for Higher Education Research (SIHER), Stanford University (2010); Visiting Professor at the California State University, San Marcos (2010); Visiting Professor at the Latin American Studies Centre, California State University, Los Angeles (2010); Visiting Scholar at the Latin American Perspectives Fellowship Program, University of California, Riverside (April-May, 2010);He launched his last book about Cuba, presented a paper and acted as moderator of a table in the International Cuba Symposium (March 31-April 2, 2011) Cuba Futures: Past and Present, organized by the Bildner Centre in The Graduate Centre of The City University of New York (CUNY). Speaker in the LASA Congress, Barcelona, May 2008.


He has been Visiting Professor in more than 14 universities in Latin America, Spain, Canada, France and Africa and has offered lectures in more than 120 universities of the above mentioned countries and regions besides China, Austria, Russia and Canada, among others.


He has worked closely in international cooperation activities, international education as well as in research and teaching activities with the following Professors:


Federico Mayor Zaragoza: former UNESCO Director General, President of the Culture of Peace Foundation. He worked under his leadership at UNESCO and since 2002 up to the present in initiatives concerning “Culture of Peace”.  His book “Latin America and the Caribbean in the XXI Century”, (2004) UNAM, Mexico D.F, has the Foreword of Mr. Mayor.


Immanuel Wallerstein: former President of the International Sociological Association (ISA). He worked with him in his “Research Seminar” at the Maison des Sciences de l'Homme (Paris, 1995), and later in the Fernand Braudel (2001), and in the International Sociological Association (1998), when Professor Wallerstein was its President. The Introduction to his book “Latin America and the Caribbean in the XXI Century”, (2004)  was written by Professor Wallerstein, also being former Director of the Fernand Braudel Centre.


Theotonio Dos Santos: President of UNESCO and UN Chair and Network  on World Economy and Sustainable Development, Emeritus Professor of the Universidad Federal Fluminense (UFF) at Río de Janeiro. Lopez Segrera is co-author of several books with him such as “Los Retos de la Globalización”, “El Pensamiento Social Latinoamericano en el Siglo XX” and “Los Impases de la Globalización”.


Phillip Altbach: They have a close collaboration since 2001, when he was Visiting Professor at the CIHE (Boston College). Professor Altbach, Director of the CIHE, did the Preface to his book “Educacion Superior Latinoamericana y Organismos Internacionales”. He has been Visitor Professor in the CIHE and they sustain a close collaboration.


Edgar Morin and Illya Prigogine: Emeritus Research Director of the Conseil National du Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), France, the former and Chemistry Nobel Prize (1977), the latter. He worked with them in an research Project whose result was the book “Répresentation et Complexité” (UNESCO, 1997), with articles of Morin, Prigogine and Lopez Segrera, was the author of the chapter La Répresentation d’Identités Déplacées, among other authors.


José Dias Sobrinho: Director of the Avaliaçao Journal. He has been co-author with him and Colin Brock of the book “La Educación Superior en America Latina y el Caribe”.


John Daniel: former Vice-Chancellor of the Open University and former Assistant Director General of UNESCO for Education. He worked with him at UNESCO preparing – as postdoctoral studies- a Report on the Impact of UNESCO World Conference on Higher Education in Latin America and the Caribbean, published later as a book.


Jose Joaquin Brunner: Ex–former Minister of the Presidency in Chile; Director of the Centre of Comparative Studies of Policies and Systems of Education at the Diego Portales University. He is co-author of several books with Brunner. His last book has been published on line in Brunner’s Web.


Carlos Tünnermann: former Minister of Education in Nicaragua; Member of UNESCO Forum. He is co-author of several books  with Tünnermann and developed together several higher education projects.


Marcela Mollis: Member of UNESCO Forum; Co-author with her of several books. They have jointly developed several higher education projects.


Axel Didriksson: Former Director of CESU, (UNAM); General coordinator of the Public Macrouniversities of Latin America and the Caribbean.  They have published several books together. 


Francisco José Mojica: Director of the Center of Prospective Studies of the University Externado de Colombia. He has been co-author with him in several books. They have worked together as consultants and developed jointly courses of prospective studies.


Manuel Ramiro Muñoz: General Academic Director (2002-2005), Universidad of San Buenaventura, Cali. He is actually the Head of the Humanities Department at the Universidad Javeriana in Cali. He is coauthor with him in two books: “Educación Superior Latinoamericana y Organismos Internacionales” and “Educación Permanente, Calidad, Evaluación y Pertinencia”. He contributed to create, together with Muñoz, a UNESCO Chair and after an Indigenous University at the Toribio Community in the Cauca Region, Cali, Colombia.


Mario Luis Nevez de Azevedo: Deputy Rector at the University of Maringá (Brazil); He joined the Working Group of Ana Lucia Gazzola in IESALC-UNESCO as a Consultant and he is an expert in comparative studies in internationalization. Lopez Segrera has worked together with him in several books.


Miguel Angel Escotet: Dean of Education at the University of Texas, Brownsville. They have worked together in several projects. Lopez Segrera was Visiting Professor in the PhD of UNESCO Chair on Higher Education, being its Director Prof. Escotet. He worked with him in the GUNI’s Report on Financing Higher Education.


Joan Cortadellas: Former Director of UNESCO Chair of University Management at the UPC. He gives courses of “International Comparative Higher Education”, “Financing” and “Accreditation” in International Courses of that Chair. Lopez Segrera has been co-author in several books with him.


Colin Brock, Former Director of  UNESCO Chair of Education as Humanitarian Response, at Oxford University.  He is co-author with Professor Brock of “Higher Education in Latin America and the Caribbean 2008”. The book is already published in Spanish and was published in English by IESALC in December 2009. He has been Visiting Professor in the International Compared Higher Education and of Comparative International Education.


Bikas C. Sanyal, joined UNESCO’s International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) in Paris as a faculty member in 1969 and directed its programme on higher education starting in 1973. After his retirement as Senior Adviser of IIEP in 1998, he acted as special adviser to UNESCO’s Director General. He has been guest professor at Princeton and Harvard among many other universities. He also has been Executive Coordinator of the GUNI Reports and the author of a great deal of books and articles on university management, financing and accreditation. Lopez Segrera and Professor Sanyal have been  Editors of the GUNI´s Reports and have given various courses together on university management and financing.


Bruce Johnstone, former Chancellor of the State University of New York. He worked with him preparing “Higher Education in the World 2006”.


Daniel Filmus, former Minister of Education in Argentina. He is co-author with Filmus of “Latin America 2020”, FLACSO, Buenos Aires, (2000).


He has published books and articles addressing the following topics: Higher Education, Prospective, Representation and Complexity, International Relations and Social Sciences; History, Politics, Economy, Society and Slavery in Cuba and in Latin America and the Caribbean; International Education; Globalization and Higher Education; World Scenarios of Higher Education; Higher Education in Latin America and the Caribbean; International Higher Education: a comparative study. Some of these publications have been translated and published in France, Spain, USA, United Kingdom, Japan, China, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, Argentina and Chile.


Published books


· Los orígenes de la cultura cubana. Essay National Award. Havana, 1969.

· Cuba: Capitalismo dependiente y subdesarrollo (1510-1959). Casa de las Américas’s Award Collection, Havana, 1972. Mexico, 1973.

· Cuba y el Movimiento de Países No-Alineados. Editor and coauthor. Tricontinental, Havana, 1979.

· Raíces Históricas de la Revolución Cubana (1968-1959). Essay National Award, Havana, 1980. Mexico, 1985.

· El conflicto Cuba – Estados Unidos y la crisis centroamericana, Nuestro Tiempo Ed., Mexico, 1985.

· Cuba y Centroamérica. Claves Ed., Mexico, 1986.

· La Política de la Administración Reagan hacia Cuba. Essay National Award, Havana, 1987.

· La Política Exterior de Cuba. Instituto Superior de Relaciones Internacionales (ISRI), Havana, 1988.

· Cuba: Cultura y Sociedad (1510-1985). Letras Cubanas Ed., Havana, 1988.

· Sociología de la colonia y la neocolonia cubana. Havana, 1989.

· La administración Reagan y la Cuenca del Caribe. Ciencias Sociales Ed., Havana, 1989.

· Los partidos políticos en Cuba Republicana. Ciencias Sociales Ed., Havana, 1989.

· Cuba Cairá? Vozes, Rio de Janeiro, 1995.

· Cuba sans l’URSS (1989-1995). Presses Universitaires, Septentrion, Lille, France, 1997.

· Cuba después del colapso de la URSS (1989-1997). UNAM, Centro de Investigaciones Interdisciplinarias en Humanidades, “El Mundo Actual” Collection directed by Pablo González Casanova. Mexico, 1998.

· Los Retos de la Globalización. Editor and co-author. UNESCO-Caracas, Unidad Regional Ciencias Sociales. Caracas, CRESALC, 1998.

· El Pensamiento social latinoamericano en el siglo XX. Editor and coauthor. Coordinators: Ruy Mauro Marini and Theotonio Dos Santos. UNESCO-Caracas, Unidad Regional de Ciencias Sociales, 1999.

· Educación Comparada, Identidades y Globalización. Editor, coauthor and coordinator jointly with Carlos Tünnermann Bernheim and Luis Bonilla-Molina, IESALC/UNESCO, 2000.

· América Latina 2020: escenarios, alternativas y estrategias. Editor, coauthor and coordinator together with Daniel Filmus. This book has an important chapter on “La Educación para el Siglo XXI”. FLACSO, Argentina, 2000.

· La Educación en el Horizonte del Siglo XXI. Coordinator and coauthor together with Carlos Tünnermann.   Colección Respuestas, No. 18. IESALC/UNESCO-Caracas Ed., 2000.

· Globalización y educación superior en América Latina y el Caribe. Colección Respuestas. IESALC/UNESCO-Caracas Ed., 2001.

· Educación Superior Latinoamericana y Organismos Internacionales. Coordinator and coauthor together with Alma Maldonado. Preface of Philip G. Altbach. Editors: Universidad San Buenaventura de Cali, UNESCO, Boston College. Cali, 2002.

· Educación permanente, calidad, evaluación y pertinencia. Collaboration together with José Luis Grosso and Manuel Ramiro Muñoz. UNESCO-Universidad de San Buenaventura. Cali, 2002


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