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Francisco López Segrera (Cuba, 1940) is   university professor and researcher since 1962. 


He offers worldwide courses –in Spanish, English and French - in Prospective and Megatrends,  Comparative International Higher Education and History of Cuba.


He has been guest professor in the following universities, among others: Oxford, Sorbonne, Boston College, Berkeley, Stanford, Riverside, Binghamton, City College of New York, Salamanca, UNAM, Puebla, Tecnológico de Monterrey (EGAP), Guadalajara, UBA, Universidad de la República, Federal de Río de Janeiro and  Externado de Colombia. 


When he retired from UNESCO in 2002 he was appointed Member of UNESCO Higher Education Forum (2002-2009), Visiting Professor at the Universidad de Salamanca (2002-2004), Adjoint Professor of the University Management UNESCO Chair at the Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña (UPC) (2004-2016), Adjoint Professor of the  Centro de Pensamiento Estratégico y Prospectiva at the Universidad Externado de Colombia and Academic Advisor of the Global University Network for Innovation (GUNI) (2004-20012) of which he is actually Consultant.. 






Prof. López Segrera at University of California, Berkeley

PhD in Latin American Studies (Sorbonne). Deputy Rector of the Instituto Superior de Relaciones Internacionales (ISRI),  Cuba (1974-1988), where he periodically gives courses on “Prospective and Globalization”. UNESCO civil servant between 1994 and  2002,  where he was appointed as, among other responsabilities, Regional Advisor of Social Sciences for Latin America and the Caribbean and Director of the Instituto de Educación Superior para América Latina y el Caribe (IESALC).  


He is the autor of 37 books and autor or coauthor of chapters in 42 books, some of them published in seven languages..




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Prospective and Higher Education
Francisco Lopez Segrera